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Post was written on December 14, 2012:

I read Beth Still's blog on January 25th 2013. Beth had her husband write a post about the safety of students in the classroom in case of the instance of a shooter on campus. Kris Still, Beth's husband, has talked to schools about increasing the safety and how to prepare for the worst. He told them to remember the acronym ADD which means AVOID, DENY (entry), and DEFEND. If you can avoid the situation and get out, safely with your students then take that chance and get out. If you can not get out, deny entry to your room. He told us some tools we can use for this, such as: tactical wedges or doorstops and also tactical straps. He also suggests that you take all the furniture in your room and board the door. Shooters main goal is to kill quickly and as many people as possible and if you stop them before they get in, then they would most likely go on to try a different door. Lastly, he says to defend yourself with whatever you can find that can be used as a weapon. He suggests chairs, fire extinguisher, coat rack, a trash can, etc.

My Comment

I commented on the post and said that I agreed in these tactics of preparation and that all the incoming and outgoing teachers should know how to prepare in the worst case scenario. I also said that not only would it help me as a teacher, but as a fellow student at a major university. I could react and know how to try my hardest to help with the ADD method.

Post written on December 29, 2012:

Beth wrote about her new project for the new year. She called it Photo365 Project. You are supposed to post a picture a day of the year (hence 365) but it is always hard for her to keep up with it. So she said "This year is going to be different because I have come up with a twist that is going to help me stick with this project for the entire year. I have collected a lot of things over the years and the time has come to get rid of some of it. There are lots of things that I want to part with, but I never seem to get around to it. This year I’m going to get rid of one thing each day. Some of these items will go directly to the dumpster while I will donate other things to my local Goodwill. Before I get rid of each item I will take a picture of it for the Photo365 project."

My Comment

I told Beth that it was a great idea to do a photo a day challenge. I also said that it was an interesting idea that she had come up with about doing the "trash" photo each day. Not only is it fun to go threw the memories, but it's good that she is giving things to goodwill. That way it can be new to someone else and they can make new memories with it!

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