Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Post #15

Part One:
For blog post fifteen we were supposed to look back and look at our first post about our future classroom and what we would change and what we wouldn't. Here's my first post:

My Future Classroom When I become a teacher, I will be very organized and I will use a lot of technology in the classroom. I've learned, by volunteer work, that children with special needs usually learn better if they can be very hands on with the subject. David, the little boy I babysit, learns a lot faster on his iPad then when he is just sitting with paper and a pencil writing things down and answering questions. I also am a very hands on learner. I, myself, do better when I am seeing how things are working and I am actually doing the "experiment" then just studying and taking a quiz or a test. I feel like I can relate to the students in that sense.
I hope by the time I am a teacher all the students will have their own iPads or tablets instead of paper and pencils. I think that would help reduce the amount of paper used in the classroom and also will help those children who are mute or cannot speak ask questions and communicate in the classroom. I will teach using many different methods, such as: demonstration and some lecturing. I do not learn very well from lecturing so I don't plan on using tons of lecturing.
I am going to be teaching secondary level special education. In my classroom I will have the students split up into different groups. There would be 3 groups. They would be 1. highly functioning and those who are the most independent 2. the kids who need some one on one work but can still do most of their work on their own and 3. the lowest functioning students who need the most attention. I would hopefully be working with two or three other teachers and we would rotate the groups from class to class so the students still feel like they are in high-school and make them feel as normal as possible.
I will be a dedicated teacher and I plan on mastering in Special Education. I also plan on teaching English and Comprehension. I know I will make a great teacher to the students because I wont treat them as if they have disabilities, but as if they were normal children and will not baby them. I plan on having a very vibrant room and display the children's work and artwork around the room. I am very excited to start teaching my future students.

Honestly, re-reading this I don't think I would change much. I would still use technology and use iPads a lot. I feel like technology is going that way anyways. I feel like I would put the students in groups and rotate them. I feel like I might use blogger to keep my parents up to date and keep up the "green" classroom. Important dates, pictures, and other things would go on the blog page and I'd be open to letting the students all have one blogger and they all having an hour or so working as a class on one large class blog.

Being a special education teacher and teaching these children who are so delicate is my passion and I know I can do anything I put my heart into and these future children already have me heart. I'll make sure to keep my blog updated and out there, so look for it! (I still have like 2 years so wait a little while) But my future classroom will be fun and bright and filled with artwork from the children and tons of other little things. Including technology and iPads!

Part Two:

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