Sunday, May 5, 2013

C4K April

My Child was Erika K this week. She is in the 4th grade in Mrs Geldes Class in Nebraska. Her latest, and only, post was asking if we had ever had a snow day.
My comment: Hi Erika, My name is Ashton and I live in Mobile, AL. I go to school at the University of South Alabama. It stays pretty warm around here so I can't say we get a lot of snow. BUT I have had ONE snow day in all 15 years of school I have been in. The Snow didn't even stick but because we, as southerners, do not know how to drive in the snow they cancelled all the schools and most businesses were closed. I didn't do much, except watch tv and drink a lot of hot chocolate! Do you love your snow days?

This week I had Chole. She is from Australia and is in the fourth grade. Her latest post was about her Easter activities. "On Monday the 15th of April my class worked on holiday writing.
My goal was to use interesting words. Here is the work I did. Play date Georgia came over to my house and we did lots of climbing on my mattress. In the hallway a mattress fell over while we were sitting on it.
Nan’s I went to my Nan’s on the holidays for a sleepover and I slept in the lounge room. In the morning I watched TV. Then we made earrings.
Luna Park I went to Luna Park with my Mum and Dad and also my friend. My favourite ride was a ride that spins upside down. I was a bit dizzy after it but I still had fun. We all thought the Ghost Train was boring. very one knew that something would jump out at you. The rollcoster is 100 years old so it was very bumpy but it was fun."
My Comment: Hi Chole! It sounds like you had a great Easter Break! We don't get an Easter Break here in Alabama BUT I got to see all my family on Easter. We hunted eggs and all kinds of fun stuff! Keep up the great blogging!

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