Friday, March 1, 2013

Blog Post # 6

Wendy Drexler: A Networked Student
This video opened my eyes for sure. It truly amazes me how fast these students in the 21st century are learning new technology. I honestly believe that in a couple of years we will be completely online in the classrooms. I feel like that this could be good and also, much like everything, has it downfalls.
I think the pluses of a networked student would be that the student would learn and be prepared for college level classes such as the EDM310 class or the online classes that universities offer. I believe that the downfalls would be that people will just become anti-social. Afraid to ask questions, in person, or to even go to classes if they are taught online mainly. It looses the personal "student-teacher" relationship. My role models and the people who helped me though the tough times in my life, were in fact my high school teachers. So if you loose that face to face interaction, I believe a lot of relationships will be halted.
I believe in technology in the classroom, but I don't believe it should be a strictly online class. I'm 20 years old and probably could tell you my senior and junior and possibly sophomore year teachers, because we worked one on one and saw each other everyday. I think that relationship is important to students. I like online classes, but I am also 20 years old and in college. BUT! I would MUCH rather an actual sit down, listening to a teacher teach, type class.

Wendy's 7th Grader PLE
First of all, WOW. This 7th grader is more organized than majority of people in my COLLEGE classes. It's a very neat thing to be able to use. Her's is very organized and I'm sure that's going to help her in the long run. I like how she can go and talk to experts about different subjects and they help teach her new things! I'm pretty jealous of this girl. I'm a pretty organized person, I have 3 planners, but this would help me out a lot more also!

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  1. Hi Ashton! I feel the same way about the online classes. I loved interacting with teachers. And the 7th grader was awesome! I'm not that organized at all. She's inspired me to work on that though.