Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project #8 - Podcast

Originally I was in "ball till we fall" but due to scheduling issues, I was told I had to this project alone. Sorry if it isn't as "jazzy" but I did the best I could do with no help.

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  1. Hey Ashton!! My name is Daphney and I am also in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class. I also had this Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire for our project. I thought it was the weirdest name for a book until I read the story behind the title. We had the Prologue, Ch.1,2,7,8 and the Epilogue. I know that it is hard to do this project by yourself and you did a great job, but I feel like you could have "tweeked" it a little more to fit your style since you were the only one doing it. I applaud you for this work though.

    I was looking through some your blog postings and noticed that you don't have modifiers on your pictures, nor do you have clickable links. You gotta keep that up girl or your grade will suffer. Trust me, I have taken this course before. Dr. Strange is serious about his instructions and expects us to be just as serious about our work. All in all, great job and keep up the good work. Just remember those modifiers and clickable links :)