Sunday, March 10, 2013

C4T #2

Dean Shareski: He is the Community Manager for Discovery Education Canada and is currently on leave from Prairie South School Division in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada. He specializes in the use of technology in the classroom and hold a Masters of Education in Communications and Technology through the University of Saskatchewan. He also is a sessional lecturer for the University of Regina. His blog site is And he has many many blog posts. The most recent one I read was on Feb 15 about Evernote. He tells us that the it is a sharing tool, but it has different tools than Google Docs. It has an audio feature where you can actually record your voice and send it to the student.
My Comment I thanked Dean for showing me this tool. I think this is a great thing to use. It is so much more personal than just reading an email or a comment. I think I could use Evernote daily as a teacher. I believe that it is a great tool to use.

Dean #2 He tells us "This entire series was sparked to remind myself that I see the world through my own lens and my enthusiasm for change is often narrow. As much as we talk about diversity, we tend to create and share repetitive images and stories that actually do the opposite of our intent. These posts serve more to challenge my own stories and perspectives. I’m guilty of all these notions from time to time and value when my own presumptions are challenged. That’s how I learn."
My commentI agreed with him on these things. I told him that he was inspiration and that I really appreciated his work. He is an inspiration and I'm glad I got to read his blog posts.

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