Friday, March 1, 2013


February #1:

I read Michelle's blog. She is a 10th grader at Baldwin County High School. Her English teacher is Mrs. Miller. She has 3 posts on her blog and she only has one written post; the other two are picture posts. In her written post she talks about Tom Walker. She says he's a cheating man who was very selfish. Shes not very detailed about who this person is. I'm not sure if it's a book character or if its an author.
My Comment
I left Michelle a comment stating that I enjoyed reading her posts but I wasn't sure who Tom Walker was and maybe she should have put who he was in her post.

February #2

I read Precious' blog. She is a 4th grader in Ms. Muhammad's class at Robbin's Elementary School in Prichard. The post that I read was about how Precious wanted to be President of the US. She stated a few reasons why she wanted be president.
My comment:
I left a comment stating that she was brave and smart for wanting to be president. I asked her what she would do if she was President. What laws would she change? What laws would she keep? She seems pretty intent on being the first woman president.

February #3:

I had the pleasure of reading Paris' blog from Auckland. She is in the "4th year" there and she is loves Spongebob. Her favorite food is pizza and she is a spunky girl. She doesn't have much on her blog, but I believe she is just getting started.
My comment: I also love Spongebob and pizza. I told her to keep up the great work and to strive for excellence.

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