Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blog Post #8

Richard Miller: Richard Miller tells us in his video how he believes that writing is done will be done in the future. In the beginning he tells us that the place where we write and compose our writings and papers used to be done with pen or pencil and paper. Now we do most everything, communicating, writing, editing, everything with our computers. Whether it be a lap top or a desktop, Miller believes this is how composing will evolve.
He tells us that the digital world is rapidly changing and growing, and that that is a good thing. It gets updated every second. Every second someone somewhere is putting something on the internet for personal, educational, or work related reasons. And lucky us, we get to access it. He tells us not only can you compose on the computer, but you also can add sound and visual components to your work. Once it's in an online library or any virtual place it can be accessed and sometimes people can leave their opinions about your work on your site or blog or whichever you are using.
He also tells us that people are using YouTube as a way of publishing. Some people like hearing what they're watching or reading and that component of video is very helpful. Soon, he believes, you will be able to use the web itself for composing. Not just the resources found on the internet, but the actual internet to compose. He tells us that students in the future won't be bringing things such as paper and pencils to class but instead their laptops. I'm very excited to be growing up when technology is growing everyday and I have the privilege to teach our future generations in this growing environment.

Carly's Blog Post: Carly's blog post was amazing. She is very thoughtful and intuitive. She is organized, which is clearly expressed in her blog. Her assignment was pretty creative and challenging. She's going to make a great teacher for our future generations. I enjoyed reading her blog and following her links. She is such an inspiration and I wish I could be as organized as she is.

Chipper Series & EDM310 for Dummies: In the Chipper Series Chipper is a lazy student who procrastinates and doesn't really care about her school work. She ends up dropping out of school and becoming a garbage lady after countless failed jobs. She has an awakening and decides to back to school and be a good student. She learned that in real life you can't procrastinate and never show up when you have to be somewhere. I think this video, even dramatic as it was, is a real perspective of doing your work. You eventually have to grow up and teach yourself how to do things and I believe EDM310 is doing a great job in teaching me that. I think I would like to do video like this. Showing what happens if you just dilly-dally around and do not take school seriously.
In EDM310 For Dummies The students need help and they have "EDM310 for Dummies" which I thought was pretty cute idea. I enjoyed watching this and giggled when I saw it. I think they could make some money if they really invented this ;)

Learn to Change, Change to Learn Change to Learn, Learn to Change is a very inspiring video. The teachers on here are very correct with their arguments. They tell us that children live in technology these days and it's banned at school. We are living in a social networking, technology communicating, growing community and I agree that we need to adapt to this. They said "technology isn't a choice, it is evolving everyday" and I couldn't agree more. Everywhere you look there is the next best iPhone or Samsung phone or a thinner and faster computer being made. These teachers arguments are all very clear and I think I've made myself very clear that I agree with them and I can't wait to see what technology has in store for my future students!

Scavenger Hunt We were given this assignment and told to do a scavenger hunt on Web 2.0's website.
1. The site I found called Edmodo. It is JUST like Facebook, but its for educational communities. You follow different topics such as Special Education, Social Studies, English etc etc. You can use this to communicate with your fellow teachers or students. I would use this to share things with my students because it is set up like Facebook, which I'm sure they will have heard about.
2. I haven't used many video tools besides iMovie. Animoto Education is a great site to use for videos. It's free and seems pretty easy to use. Being free helps many teachers who don't have a lot of school funds.
3. is a great source for the classroom not only for the obvious reasons but it makes learning fun. You can use these to create quizzes and have the students poll on if they feel ready for the tests or not.

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