Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Post #12

For this blog Dr. Strange wants us to make our own assignment. Create a blog, with instructions, and then follow the instructions. Following our subject we plan to teach, of course. And if you haven't realized or you're new to my blog, I plan on specializing in special education. So, here goes nothing.

Blog Instructions:

Go to Top 50 Special Education Blogs. Pick 3 of the 50 to visit. Tell me which blog you went visited. Hyperlink it. Write a couple sentences about what was on the blog. Tell me if it was a sped teacher or a parent of a special needs child or even maybe a student etc etc. Tell me why this blog would be used to help you teach.

"Blog Post"

1. I went to Special Education Strategies. This blog is a blog where teachers and parents come to learn things that can help their student learn at their level. It also has helpful hints about helping the child learn social and emotional growth and strategies. You could use this blog to improve the social behaviors of your students.

2. For my second blog I went to Teaching All Students. This particular blog was under the technology tab so I was really interested in this blog. On here it shows you many apps you can download onto your iPhone or iPad or Smartboard. They range from how to count money to easy typer. This blog would be very useful for the apps and watching videos of how they are used to teach.

3. For my last blog I went to The Shut-Down Learner. Sometimes when students have a disability, whether it be mental, learning, or physical, school and learning can be harder and not fun. This blog helps BOTH parents and teachers to help make learning fun for these students. I think this would be a great site to go to to send homework or just helpful papers home for the parents. Also, you can use the tips in your classroom to make learning for exciting for these students.


  1. I think it is great that you found blogs focused on special ed. It never occurred to me. I do not aspire to teach special ed, so I admire where you are coming from.