Sunday, April 28, 2013

Final C4T

This week I had Bill Ferriter's blog. His latest post is about Anti-Bullying. He says that technology is the easiest way to get the word about bullying and the dangers out from it spread. He tells us that the idea is Speak up, Salem. "The notion of creating influential visuals ties directly to several of the language arts goals in the sixth grade curriculum -- and learning to use visuals to be persuasive is probably one of the most important skills for grabbing attention in today's information-soaked world."

My comment: Thank you so much for caring about a matter as big as this. I think that it is very grand of you to do something such as this and show the world the dangers and the warning signs of bullying. People think children just have to weak of skin these days but if anything I believe with all the technology and social media sites, bullying is becoming an epidemic. And it must be stopped.

This week I had Bill again. He posted about schools having limited budgets and every time that we make careless spending choices, we tie our own hands behind our backs. He says "As a result, I've worked HARD over the past several years to encourage both teachers and school leaders to think systematically about just what they want to see happening in classrooms before they spend ANYTHING on technology."

My comment: I loved your stories! I loved the idea of this and how we should think before we have to spend money on something we may not need. Thank you!

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