Monday, April 8, 2013

C4K March

My first student was Javon. He was in the first grade in Mrs. Vannoy's classroom. Being a first grader he doesn't say much in his blog posts, but I think they are just getting them used to using a blog. Some of his posts just have random letters in them. One in particular says h hc and the students commented on them saying "cool" "awesome". Like I said I think they were just trying to get them used to using blog and comments etc.
My comment: I was unable to leave a comment as the page would never load for me. I will continue to attempt to comment, until then I could not comment.

My second student was Brittany Lee. She is in Mr. Boylen's English Class in Conn. She writes to a question if she believes blogging is important in the classroom and outside of school and if it is a waste of time. She answers "I do think this is worth the time because you get to meet new people and interact with them a you still learn things while doing this blogging. I gain knowledge from this and met new people from a different country and I thought it was cool an also learn about there country and things."
My comment: I left her a comment agreeing with her saying that I was in a blog inspired classroom and even though it is different it teaches me new things every time I go to class.

My third student was Jenna in Mr. Seyfert's 6th grade class in WI. She's a very bright student. She uses her blog for her book reports and describes the book in great details. She has the usual 6th grader posts about Christmas coming and Veteran's Day and what that means to her. She seems to really like puppies!
My Comment: I decided to comment on her post about the differences between non-fiction and fiction books. She was very descriptive and I really enjoyed reading this blog. I thanked her for being such a smart cookie and that I enjoyed her blog a lot.

My fourth student was Tyrese. He is a student from GA. His latest post really warmed my heart. His post is below
Dear, Larry and Tracey you 2 are great men by traveling the world, changing people’s thoughts, and sharing what it is like to have autism. I think it is sad you can only speak a few words. You communicate by typing and sometimes I have to do that because I have asthma and it can effect my throat. The film you made about autistic people was great because you were inspiring people all around the world to have hope, autistic people can be intelligent, and they can be theirselves. At first I really didn’t pay attention to autism but now that you came to Williston Central School, my school now I pay more attention. You inspired me about autism.
My Comment: I told him how special he was for writing this post and how happy it made me to see someone be inspired by people who are usually looked upon as not as high up on the toe-tom pole. Tyrese really warmed my heart.

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